Sean Ibrahim

Trustee – Chair

With a robust educational background and a personal narrative as a second-generation immigrant, I am driven by a mission to foster positive change through adult education within our communities. I firmly believe in the transformative power of education to empower individuals and catalyse societal progress. It is with a deep sense of honour that I embrace the opportunity to serve as a Trustee on the Board of ELSH, an organisation dedicated to enabling individuals to take charge of their lives and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

My journey as a second-generation immigrant has endowed me with a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in accessing education. This insight fuels my commitment to advocating for inclusive and accessible educational platforms that empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to realise their fullest potential.

In joining the Board of ELSH, I am poised to merge my personal mission with the impactful initiatives championed by the organisation. I am eager to leverage my skills, knowledge, and fervour to advance ELSH’s mission of empowerment through education. Together, we can dismantle barriers, foster inclusivity, and cultivate thriving communities where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. I am excited to embark on this journey and contribute to meaningful change as a Trustee of ELSH.

Furthermore, in my capacity as a Business Liaison for Northern College, I am committed to forging strong partnerships between educational institutions and businesses to drive economic growth and social mobility. Through collaborative initiatives, such as skills development programmes and apprenticeship schemes, I aim to bridge the gap between education and employment, empowering individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce. By facilitating dialogue and collaboration between Northern College and local businesses, I seek to create opportunities for lifelong learning and career advancement, thereby enriching the lives of individuals and strengthening the fabric of our communities.

Alan Curtis

Trustee – Vice Chair

In his new role as Vice Chair, Alan will extend his strategic thinking and leadership skills to support the Chair and the Board in achieving the charity’s mission. He will play a key role in governance, ensuring that the organisation complies with all relevant legislation and regulations. Alan will assist in developing and implementing governance policies and procedures, and work closely with the Board to oversee the execution of our strategic plan. His commitment to excellence and attention to detail will be instrumental in driving the ongoing success of our educational endeavours.

Beyond his hub responsibilities, Alan manages the allocation of teaching and learning resources, ensuring optimal operation to facilitate student success. His commitment extends to his roles as the secretary of Amnesty in Barnsley and former secretary of ELSH trustees, highlighting his longstanding dedication to our organisation. Since 2017, Alan has been a dedicated volunteer at ELSH, providing invaluable support and consistently going above and beyond. His extensive experience, strategic thinking, and unwavering dedication make him an ideal candidate for the role of Vice Chair, where he will continue to drive positive change and support our mission.

As Vice Chair, Alan will also be instrumental in board development, helping to identify and recruit new board members, and supporting their orientation and training. His ability to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including donors, partners, and beneficiaries, will be vital in enhancing our outreach and fundraising efforts. Alan’s experience and passion for education will ensure that our charity not only meets its goals but also sets new standards for excellence in educational support. His leadership will undoubtedly inspire confidence and collaboration across our organisation.

Nick Finnerty

Trustee – Secretary

Nick Finnerty, Manager at Leggett & Platt, is a dedicated leader with a passion for supporting and educating others. At Leggett & Platt, Nick leads a team, utilising his expertise in mechanics to mentor and train employees, particularly those from minority backgrounds. His efforts focus on helping individuals improve their English language skills while gaining valuable knowledge and experience in factory operations.

Nick’s professional background is marked by his commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can progress and succeed. His dedication to community support is evident in his proactive approach to mentoring and his willingness to share his skills and knowledge.

As the prospective Charity Secretary for ELSH, Nick is eager to make a meaningful difference. He is committed to reflecting a broad spectrum of diverse cultures within the organisation, ensuring that every voice is heard and respected. In this role, Nick will bring his strategic thinking and leadership skills to support the board’s governance and operational activities. His experience in managing teams and his passion for community involvement position him to effectively oversee administrative tasks, support the development and implementation of policies, and enhance stakeholder engagement.

Nick’s goal as Charity Secretary is to contribute to the mission of ELSH by promoting inclusivity and respect, driving positive change, and supporting the charity’s initiatives to empower individuals through education and skill development. His professional skills, community-focused mindset, and dedication to diversity make him an ideal candidate for this vital role.

Danny Pugsley

Trustee – Treasurer

Danny, a proud local, boasts a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise. A dedicated freelancer in the literary realm, he meticulously crafts and refines novels, all while nurturing his own creative endeavors. His passion for sports, particularly rugby, has been a lifelong affair, spanning an impressive 27 years on the field until age and ailing knees intervened.

Having embarked on his professional journey post-graduation from Sheffield Hallam University with a law degree in 2008, Danny’s career trajectory took him on a global odyssey. From the picturesque landscapes of Italy to the vibrant cultural milieu of Japan, and later, the dynamic setting of Poland, each destination enriched his teaching acumen in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). His tenure in Abu Dhabi, teaching at a military school, marked a significant chapter, coinciding with his pursuit of higher education—a Master’s Degree in Education from Nottingham University.

Upon returning to his roots, Danny immersed himself in the academic landscape of Doncaster before finding a home at Barnsley College in 2019. As an ESOL Lecturer and holder of the Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) certification, he endeavors to uplift both his students and his profession. Eager for continuous growth, he recently embarked on a journey towards a Chartered Management Institute Level 5 Diploma, underscoring his commitment to excellence.

Beyond the classroom, Danny is a fervent advocate for staff welfare, serving as the Vice-Chairman of the University and College Union branch. His efforts are aimed at championing equitable pay and conducive working conditions for all. Moreover, he actively fosters greater integration between Barnsley College and the Extended Learning Support Hub (ELSH), alongside the broader migrant support network, as evidenced by his regular presence at migrant drop-ins at Hope House.

Danny’s multifaceted endeavors reflect not only his unwavering dedication but also his unwavering commitment to community enrichment and inclusive education.

Altine King

Trustee – Media & Communications

Altine has been a dedicated supporter of ELSH since its inception, contributing significantly to the charity’s early success. Initially, she volunteered by teaching for two hours per week, providing invaluable support to students aspiring to attend college. Altine’s commitment to education and empowerment was evident in her willingness to always offer a helping hand, whether it was through direct student interaction or promoting the charity’s mission.

Beyond her teaching contributions, Altine actively promoted ELSH through various social media platforms, leveraging her expertise to enhance the charity’s visibility and outreach. During her tenure as a journalist at the Barnsley Chronicle, she used her professional platform to advocate for ELSH, highlighting the charity’s achievements and its impact on the community.

More recently, Altine has brought her extensive communications experience to Nottinghamshire Police, where she works in their corporate communications department. In this role, she continues to refine her skills in strategic communication and public relations, further enhancing her ability to support ELSH.

Altine is now looking forward to re-engaging with ELSH and contributing to its ongoing success. Her background in journalism and corporate communications equips her with a unique perspective and a powerful skill set that will be instrumental in advancing ELSH’s goals. She aims to leverage her professional expertise to enhance the charity’s communication strategies, increase public awareness, and foster community engagement.

Her passion for education and community support remains unwavering. Altine is excited to help ELSH achieve its mission of empowering individuals through education, ensuring that the charity continues to make a positive and lasting impact. Her long-standing dedication to ELSH and her professional experience make her an invaluable asset to the charity as it moves forward.

Mark Mbure

Trustee – Marketing

Mark, a dynamic entrepreneur hailing from South Yorkshire, is the driving force behind a thriving care consulting agency. Specializing in providing tailored business growth advice, strategies, and tactics, he empowers clients to navigate the intricacies of success with confidence and finesse.

In addition to his role as a care consulting agency owner, Mark serves as a part owner of Staff.X Recruitment LTD, XPat Solutions LTD, and co-founder of Fedha Holdings LTD, showcasing his diverse business acumen and commitment to fostering innovation across multiple ventures.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavours, Mark is deeply impassioned by the prospect of helping others unlock their full potential, a passion that resonates profoundly with the vision of ELSH. His commitment to empowering individuals extends beyond mere rhetoric; it is a guiding principle that permeates every facet of his life. Mark’s unwavering dedication to supporting individuals on their journey to success underscores his role as a catalyst for positive change within both his professional ventures and the broader community. Whether through mentorship programmes, skills development initiatives, or community outreach projects, Mark consistently seeks out opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. His empathetic approach and genuine desire to see others thrive exemplify the ethos of ELSH, making him an invaluable asset to the organisation’s mission of empowerment through education.

With Mark’s passion and commitment, ELSH can continue to serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity for individuals seeking to realise their aspirations and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Patrick Fataki

Trustee Member

Patrick Fataki’s integration into the ELSH team in early 2024 marked a significant milestone, introducing a dynamic force propelled by his extensive background in Business and Management. Beyond mere qualifications, Patrick’s proficiency in essential IT tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PAC underscores his versatility and readiness to adapt to the evolving needs of our organisation. His strategic thinking, coupled with technical expertise, forms a formidable combination, poised to steer ELSH towards greater heights of success.

However, it is not just Patrick’s skills that set him apart; it is his unwavering commitment to our cause that truly distinguishes him. Eager to make a tangible difference, Patrick doesn’t merely participate – he immerses himself fully in every project and initiative, demonstrating a level of dedication that is both inspiring and infectious. His passion for creating a meaningful impact infuses our team with renewed energy and purpose, driving us forward with a shared sense of purpose and determination.

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, Patrick’s presence serves as a beacon of hope and optimism, reminding us of the transformative power of collaboration and collective action. Together, with Patrick leading the charge, we can harness the full potential of our resources and expertise to effect positive change in the lives of those we serve. Join us on this journey, where every contribution, no matter how small, paves the way for a brighter future for all.

Anna Goryca

Trustee Member

Anna Gorcya brings a wealth of personal experience and dedication to her role as a Trustee Member at ELSH. Hailing from Poland, Anna has been a resident of Barnsley for over a decade. Her journey with ELSH began following a challenging period in her life, where she discovered the organisation after a serious accident in 2014. Witnessing the inception of ELSH at the Worsbrough Community Centre, Anna initially engaged as a student before transitioning into a volunteer role.

Throughout her time with ELSH, Anna not only gained invaluable experience but also forged meaningful connections with fellow volunteers and learners alike. Despite transitioning to full-time employment after a few months, Anna remained deeply involved and connected with ELSH, recognising the profound impact it had on her personal and professional development. Volunteering with ELSH not only bolstered Anna’s self-confidence but also significantly enhanced her English language skills, proving instrumental in her career progression.

Anna’s passion for helping others and her innate talent for training and coaching became increasingly evident as she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. After years of exploration, Anna returned to ELSH as a volunteer, where she currently assists teachers and contributes her expertise to the organisation’s initiatives. With her unwavering commitment and dedication, Anna is poised to make substantial contributions to ELSH, embodying the ethos of giving one’s all for the betterment of others.

Pierre Kilonda

Trustee Member

Pierre Kilonda brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for food and nutrition to our board of trustees. With a robust background in food production and the grocery industry, Pierre’s expertise spans the entire food supply chain, from farm to table. His commitment to ensuring that communities have access to nutritious and sustainable food is a cornerstone of his work.

Over the years, Pierre has held key positions in leading food production companies, where he has been instrumental in implementing innovative strategies that enhance food quality and accessibility. His hands-on experience in grocery management further solidifies his understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the food distribution network.

As a trustee member, Pierre is dedicated to leveraging his knowledge and skills to support our mission of improving food security and nutrition. He is a strong advocate for sustainable practices and is committed to driving initiatives that promote healthy eating habits within our community.

Pierre’s strategic vision and practical insights make him an invaluable asset to our organization. His leadership and dedication to food and nutrition will undoubtedly help us achieve our goals and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve.

Andy Fleming

Trustee – ESOL Advisor

Andy has lived in Barnsley for most of his life. He worked in a coal mine for thirteen years and following its closure, he returned to education and acquired a professional qualification in working with children and young people from Leeds Beckett University. He became a full-time youth worker in Hertfordshire before returning to Barnsley to work for the local authority in a similar role. After many years of running a wide variety of youth projects, he was promoted to the senior management team. In 2003, he was awarded the Public Servant of the Year award from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office in recognition of his innovative work with young people going on to be a neighbourhood renewal advisor for the central government.  Andy gained a master’s degree in leading services for children and young people.

Having enjoyed teaching English abroad voluntarily he gained a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) qualification, going on to run a successful English language tutor school abroad. He returned to England establishing and running an English language tutoring service for those who speak English as a second language within Barnsley.

Since 2015 his family has been registered foster carers and they have been fostering young people with complex needs. Andy regularly facilitates training for foster carers and professionals from a wide range of disciplines. He is committed to trauma-informed practice and has incorporated his experience in youth work to complement his therapeutic parenting approach.

When not working with teenagers or undertaking family activities, he can often be found at his local bowling club practicing with his bowling friends or float fishing. Andy is a published author and has written two best-selling books on Crown Green bowling, ‘The Inner Game of Crown Green Bowling’ and ‘Practice Manual for Crown Green Bowling’. His most recent book based on his professional experience is entitled ‘Therapeutically Parenting Teenagers with Developmental Trauma’.