Misty Smith

Volunteer Receptionist

Misty is our amazing receptionist, she has excellent computer skills and if anyone needs anything, she will either know what you are on about or knows how to get the information you require. She also volunteers in a charity shop at the weekend, which means she has plenty of experience in dealing with a variety of people within the community and surrounding areas. This also means she has the patience to deal with pretty much anything that is thrown her way. She always has music on and, outside of volunteering, she reads too much and spends most of her time on her laptop.

Julie Martin

Volunteer ‘Talk English’ Tutor

Julie is a volunteer tutor for the Talk English course. The course is for speakers of other languages to learn and improve their English. Through the course, the learners are able to build important life skills. Julie plans embedded individual and blended learning for groups and individuals and regularly assess the learners work. Lessons are planned prior to learners attending the course. She works with the ELSH volunteer team to plan the curriculum, tailored to those who don’t speak English as their first language.

Julie delivers targeted, innovative and professional curriculum programmes to support some of the most disadvantaged people in the Barnsley communities. She has a TEFL certificate that enables our students to gain self-respect, build resilience, confidence and skills and live more positive and fulfilling lives. ELSH has been investing in people through volunteering, which means we can reduce inequalities and isolation to build a much stronger community.

Julie ensures that ELSH’s policies and procedures on Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are implemented and adhered to at all times, creating a stimulating and safe learning environment. Julie can emphasis, engage and motivate learners in their learning. Julie has a commitment to equal opportunities and uses a variety of strategies and practices to promote the diverse cultural and equality issues in the classroom. Julie communicates to a range of audiences (verbal, written, ICT or other media teaching methods to encourage learners to develop self-esteem and respect for others.


Media and Marketing

Louise volunteers with us, helping with all things social media and marketing. She is the one to talk to if you need help posting something on your social media or updating your website. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Leeds and has a 200+ strong Funko POP collection!

Pooja Ramchadani

Student Teacher

Pooja is on a teaching placement from Northern College, focusing on English. She has a Master’s degree in Finance and Commerce. She is currently pursuing a PGCE in Adult and Community Education. Teaching at ELSH helps her to assist adult learners from a varied set of backgrounds and circumstances. In Pooja’s English lessons, she makes it a point to embed the necessary Maths and ICT skills to help them gain the most out of her lessons. This is so that they increase their chances of gaining skills to assist them in their next steps, whatever their next steps may be.

Jen Hart-Smith

ELSH Admin & Bookkeeping

Jen was part of our Admin team, her job was to both help with IT and assist the rest of the volunteers but, over time, it was found out that she was best suited to be an account administrator. Her job is to work alongside Florentine with the bookkeeping and assist ELSH with general admin.

Outside of ELSH, Jen is a care assistant, working the night shift at a care home, which is focused on residents with dementia. This means she is only available to help when it doesn’t clash with either her shifts or day after her shifts.

Thanks to her job, she is a capable and keenly aware person who is sensitive enough to help anyone that she comes into contact with.

Phil Lane

IT support

Phil helps ELSH students with learning how to use English My Way/Learn My Way. If there is anything the students do not understand regarding using the internet or Learn My Way, Phil is on hand to show them what to do!

Izzy Bagnall

Media Placement

Izzy studies Digital Design at Barnsley College and is currently on placement with ELSH. She works alongside our Media and Marketing assistant, Louise, to edit photos and update our social media platforms.

Salma Ahmed

Maths Teacher

Salma joined ELSH in June 2021, helping as a basic Maths teacher. Previously, Salma worked in animal research and she has a degree in biology. Now, Salma is supporting ELSH while she is waiting for another job in her previous field.

At ELSH she is also supporting the teachers to source enrichment activities for learners, identifying sufficent opportunities for work experience and employment for learners. She also supports the teacher to plan structured learning to meet individual learning plans and assists in guiding and encouraging learners to give them the necessary skills, motivation and knowledge to progress to work, further learning or training.

Amy Moore

Health and wellbeing nutrition teacher

Amy provides practical support to help students with their health. This includes researching new places and activies where all students can enjoy, as well as teaching and planning activities where students and volunteers can participate in cycling, walking or visiting places of interest. She also provides practical help to establish and maintain healthy relationships. She teaches how to bring your whole self to wellbeing with self-talent, interest and a passion to create more opportunities to exercise for a healthy life.

Amy works in collaboration with ELSH trustees, volunteers, students, their family and friends, Community Circles, as well as colleagues from health and social care, to make sure her volunteer work is coordinated and effective. She also keeps everyone up to date with health, wellbeing and nutritional information through support sessions.

She provides safe, person-centered, compassionate care and work within ELSH’s policies and procedures.

Areej Jones

ESOL teacher

Areej joined ELSH in February 2021, assisting as an ESOL teacher. She has a degree in English literature and she currently teaches ESOL to our learners. She supports learners to develop an understanding of equality and diversity and their rights and responsibilities in learning the English language and its culture. She provides learners with any support that they need during the class sessions that aid the progression of learners where English is not their first language.

Areej focuses on life skills, such as Laws in the UK, British values and enrichment activities. She supports the teachers to ensure information is fed into reviews and show progess against Initial assessment summary and the Learning plan and to contribute to the Quality Improvement review cycle.


College placement & ICT assistant

Christina’s volunteer role of ICT assistant was to help the students with navigating the computers during their studies at ELSH. The role involved communicating with students and understanding their requirements and resolving any issues with the understanding of basic computer skills, allowing them to progress in their learning. Christina returned to ELSH in September 2021, this time under college placement. Her role is to assist the teachers with their classes and also continue her previous role as a volunteer ICT assistant.