Alan Curtis

Lead Co-ordinator

Alan, as the lead coordinator running the ELSH Hub, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and effectiveness of our educational hub. His responsibilities are tailored to the dynamic needs of our student body, which can vary week by week. Alan collaborates closely with the CEO and our dedicated staff and volunteers to develop, update, and refine our curriculum, aligning it with the high standards and goals of ELSH. He meticulously manages class schedules, ensuring that teaching and learning activities are well-timed and that resources are allocated efficiently to support them.

Beyond administrative tasks, Alan takes a personal interest in student management, overseeing enrolment, registration, and providing academic advising when needed. He is readily available to address student inquiries, complaints, and disciplinary matters, ensuring a supportive and conducive learning environment for all.

Moreover, Alan is responsible for managing the allocation of teaching and learning resources, ensuring that our hub operates optimally to facilitate student success. His commitment to excellence and attention to detail are instrumental in driving the ongoing success of our educational endeavours at ELSH Hub.

Alan’s dedication extends beyond the hub as he serves as the secretary of Amnesty in Barnsley, and his previous role as secretary of ELSH trustees demonstrates his longstanding commitment to our organization. As a volunteer at ELSH since 2017, he has been providing invaluable support, always going above and beyond to help.

Julie Martin

ELSH Lead ESOL Tutor

Julie joined ELSH in 2019 and serves as the Staff Lead for ESOL and the Talk English course, catering to speakers of other languages seeking to enhance their English proficiency and essential life skills. Working collaboratively with Alan in curriculum planning, she orchestrates individualised and blended learning experiences for different student groups and individuals, ensuring that learning and delivering lessons are thoughtfully curated in advance. Julie provides support for the closely ELSH volunteer team, and address the unique needs of learners for whom English is not their first language.

Through her targeted and innovative curriculum delivery, Julie empowers some of the most marginalised individuals within the Barnsley communities. Her possession of a BA Hons in Social Sciences, a prestigious Teaching Qualification, a TEFL certificate, and exemplary Leadership Skills, she equips our students to cultivate self-respect, resilience, confidence, and invaluable skills, fostering pathways to vibrant and fulfilling lives. ELSH’s commitment to fostering community strength is exemplified through its investment in volunteer-driven initiatives, thereby contributing to the reduction of inequalities and social isolation.

Julie prioritises the implementation and adherence to ELSH’s policies and procedures concerning Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, fostering a dynamic and secure a safe learning environment. With a knack for fostering engagement and motivation, Julie employs various strategies to promote equal opportunities and cultural diversity within the classroom. Her adept communication skills span multiple mediums, including verbal, written, and ICT-based methods, all aimed at cultivating self-esteem and mutual respect among learners. Through Julie’s dedication and expertise, ELSH continues to champion inclusivity and educational excellence within the community.

Hazel Green

Integration English Tutor

Hazel joined ELSH in 2019 as the Integration English Tutor at ELSH, Hazel assumes a crucial role in aiding the integration of refugees and migrants into the local community by imparting essential English language skills necessary for employment and social engagement. With a background in Humanities and extensive experience in adult education, including teaching English, literature, and word processing, Hazel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Having completed a BA (Hons) degree and a PGCE course, she is committed to empowering her students to attain their educational and professional aspirations. Hazel’s journey in community education has exposed her to diverse groups, including individuals with learning disabilities, thus enriching her teaching approach and comprehension.

Retired from her previous roles, Hazel finds profound fulfilment in volunteering as an Integration English Tutor at ELSH, where she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those she teaches. As a charitable organization, ELSH relies on support from various sources to fulfil its mission, ensuring equitable access to quality education and opportunities for success for all individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds.

Amanda Mthombeni

Receptionist / Administrator

Amanda, a seasoned professional with over a decade of expertise in Customer Service and Administration, seamlessly stepped into the role of Receptionist/Administrator at ELSH in early 2024. Her wealth of experience proves invaluable as she occupies a central position in the day-to-day operations of the organization.

A pivotal figure, Amanda not only supports the CEO but also extends her assistance to both students and teachers, thereby fostering a cohesive environment. Her contributions transcend conventional boundaries as she actively contributes to the overall management of ELSH.

Renowned for her innovative thinking, Amanda brings a breath of fresh air to ELSH, infusing the institution with modernising ideas. Moreover, her specialisation in the technical aspects of ELSH adds a layer of proficiency that enhances the institution’s functionality.

Kirsty Flannagan

Maths Tutor

Kirsty’s journey with ELSH began in 2020 when she joined as a student placement from Northern College, as part of her PGCE studies at Huddersfield University. Prior to joining the teaching team, she pursued qualifications in AET (Award in Education and Training) and LSP (Learning Support Practitioner), showcasing her dedication to the field of education. Following the successful completion of her placement, Kirsty transitioned into a part-time receptionist/administration role at ELSH, all while continuing her pursuit of further knowledge in teaching.

In recognition of her commitment and aptitude, Kirsty has since been promoted to the role of Mathematics teacher, where she plays a crucial role in supporting ELSH students as they progress towards further education. With her comprehensive training and hands-on experience, Kirsty brings a wealth of expertise to her teaching role, ensuring that students receive the guidance and support needed to excel academically. Her journey from student placement to esteemed educator is a testament to her dedication, passion, and continuous pursuit of excellence within the field of education at ELSH.

Our Volunteers

Zartasha Saeed

ELSH ICT Volunteer

Zartasha joined ELSH in early 2024 and with a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, serves as a beacon of knowledge for our students grappling with computing challenges. Drawing from her extensive background, which includes previous teaching roles at the university level, she imparts essential ICT skills with finesse and expertise.

Her instruction goes beyond the mere mechanics of computing; she delves into the intricacies of laptop functionality, email etiquette, and effective communication via computers and smartphones. Moreover, Zartasha adeptly navigates students through the nuances of Microsoft Office, empowering them with indispensable digital literacy.

In addition to her instrumental role in teaching ICT to our students, Zartasha generously lends her expertise to the administrative facets of ELSH when needed. Her willingness to contribute extends beyond the classroom, ensuring the smooth operation of our organisation. With her multifaceted support, Zartasha truly embodies our commitment to empowering individuals through education.

Angelika Baniene

ELSH Volunteer

Angelika is an invaluable member of our ELSH team, known for her unwavering dedication and boundless generosity towards others. She consistently exceeds expectations, going the extra mile to assist anyone in need. During break times, Angelika extends her support by providing students with refreshments, ensuring they feel cared for and rejuvenated. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in managing our pantry, ensuring that our students have access to essential resources.

Beyond these duties, Angelika is also instrumental in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of our hub, ensuring a welcoming environment for all. Her willingness to lend a hand extends to providing interpretation services to students who may require assistance, further enhancing inclusivity within our program.

Angelika’s selfless contributions epitomize the spirit of community and support at ELSH, making a meaningful difference in the lives of our students each day.

Abdul Ghani Saeed

ELSH Admin Assistant Volunteer

Abdul, as an ELSH Volunteer and certified Fire Marshal, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and safety of the educational hub. He actively manages the organization’s social media platforms, engaging with the audience and sharing valuable resources to enrich their learning experience. Abdul oversees day-to-day operations, coordinates logistics, and facilitates learning sessions to enhance program efficiency.

Safety remains Abdul’s top priority in his role as a Fire Marshal. He promptly responds to emergencies, implements safety protocols, and provides interpretation services to participants, fostering inclusivity within the program.

Committed to cultivating an inclusive environment, Abdul creates a supportive space where language learners feel empowered to excel. His multifaceted contributions significantly contribute to the success of the ELSH program, enabling individuals to achieve their language learning objectives.

Areej Younes

Volunteer ESOL Assistant Teacher

Areej Younes has been a part of ELSH since 2021, offering her services as a volunteer ESOL teacher assistant. With an education degree, Areej brings a wealth of knowledge, cultural understanding, and empathy to her role. She embodies a unique blend of passion, expertise, and collaboration, enriching the learning experiences of students from various cultural backgrounds.

Her unwavering dedication to empowering others through education elevates her to an indispensable position within our program. Areej’s commitment resonates deeply with our mission, fostering an environment where every learner feels supported and inspired to excel. We are privileged to have Areej as part of our team, driving positive change and shaping brighter futures for our students.

Salma Ahmed

ELSH Volunteer Conversation Assistant

Salma Ahmed joined ELSH in 2021, bringing her passion for language learning and cultural exchange to our community. As a volunteer Conversation Assistant, Salma plays a vital role in facilitating communication between Arabic and English speakers. Her expertise ensures smooth interactions, enabling students to build confidence in conversational English.

Salma’s supportive approach creates a nurturing environment where students feel encouraged to actively engage and take risks in their language practice. By fostering a safe space for learning, she empowers students to embrace challenges and grow in their language proficiency journey.

Our Placement Students

Harrison Beck

Barnsley College Student Placement

Harrison, enrolled in the Accounting T-Level program at Barnsley College, actively engages in his academic journey while simultaneously gaining practical experience through his placement at ELSH. This invaluable opportunity serves as a cornerstone in his pursuit of a future career as an accountant.

Immersing himself in the work environment at ELSH, Harrison diligently acquires first hand knowledge and skills essential for his professional development. His proactive approach underscores his dedication to acquiring practical insights that will pave the way for success in his future endeavours as an accountant.

Archie Bradley

Barnsley College Student Placement

Archie has been attending Barnsley College since September 2023, pursuing a Level 3 Accounting T-Level. Alongside his academic endeavors, he maintains a part-time position as a chef, showcasing his dedication to both his studies and professional development.

Additionally, Archie dedicates his Mondays to a work placement at ELSH, where he actively contributes to the organisation’s initiatives. This multifaceted approach highlights Archie’s commitment to holistic growth and his proactive engagement in practical learning experiences.