My name is Julie, I am the Lead ESOL teacher at ELSH. The success of ELSH is not about one person, we are part of a team, and we have all had a part in how we have developed over the years.

I started at ELSH in 2019, volunteering a few days a week teaching and supporting Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and EU Migrants.

The mission of ELSH is to provide a positive, safe learning environment for adults. I decided that I wanted to become more involved in teaching ESOL. In 2020 ELSH and Coalfields funded me to add to my teaching qualifications to complete and gain a TEFEL qualification in teaching English Foreign as a second Language.

I am now employed by ELSH and work part-time and teach English and life skills. Over the years I have been involved in the many changes that have led ELSH to where we are today When I first started at ELSH the classes were more of a conversation class.

We work as a team planning and developing a structured educational scheme of work, and session plans to differentiate student levels and subjects.

At ELSH, we are dedicated to empowering our students to reach their potential and successfully integrate into the Barnsley community. Our comprehensive support ranges from assisting with CV writing and job searching to providing guidance throughout the interview process. Many of our students have secured employment across various industries, while others are pursuing further and higher education at colleges and universities. ELSH offers unique services that provide a robust support system for vulnerable individuals, families, and local residents. Over the past five years, I have witnessed significant improvements in our services, and I am confident that ELSH will continue to deliver this invaluable educational support well into the future.

Anna Gorcya, Support Assistant Volunteer

“As a dedicated Barnsley resident for over a decade, Anna Goryca’s journey with ELSH began after a serious accident in 2014. She started as a student at the Worsbrough Community Centre and then became a volunteer, gaining invaluable experience and connections. Despite finding full-time employment, Anna remained committed to ELSH. Volunteering enhanced her self-confidence and English skills, crucial for her career. Her passion for helping others led her to train new staff and hone her coaching skills. Returning as a teacher’s assistant, Anna is committed to contributing positively as a Volunteer Trustee Board Member, embodying the spirit of giving back and inspiring positive change.”

Angelika Baniene

Food and Hygiene Volunteer

“For me personally, ELSH feels like a second home, a place where I am always welcomed with warmth and kindness. It is a joy to return here, as the atmosphere is both nice and fun. Every visit brings new discoveries and opportunities for personal growth. I am especially grateful to the manager of this institution, who consistently believes in me, supports my endeavors, and encourages me to stay positive. This unwavering support has been instrumental in my journey, making ELSH not just an educational hub but a place where I feel valued and inspired. The sense of community and the genuine care I receive here make ELSH an indispensable part of my life.”

Christina Birchall, Conversation Group Assistant

Christina began her journey at ELSH as a conversation assistant, dedicated to enhancing students’ conversational skills and bolstering their confidence. Her impactful contributions allowed students to delve deeper into their learning and refine specific aspects of their conversational abilities, complementing the efforts of their tutors. Christina’s tenure at ELSH not only fostered academic growth but also nurtured her own self-assurance significantly.

Today, Christina thrives in her role as a full-time nursery assistant, bringing her enriched experience and newfound confidence to her work environment.

Zarbakht Saeed

Volunteer Graphic Designer

“I have had the pleasure of volunteering at ELSH as a graphic designer, and I can confidently say that it has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. Volunteer and staff at ELSH are exceptionally friendly, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that makes everyone feel at home. From day one, I felt comfortable and valued as a member of the team.

The supportive atmosphere at ELSH is crucial for my role as a graphic designer. A positive and collaborative environment is essential for creativity to flourish, and ELSH provides just that. The team is always open to new ideas and encourages innovation, making it an ideal place for creative professionals to thrive.

Moreover, ELSH places a strong emphasis on safety and comfort, ensuring that all volunteers feel secure and respected. This commitment to a positive workplace culture not only enhances productivity but also fosters a sense of belonging.”