ELSH has been active since March 2015 and we became a registered charity in 2019. Our motto is “Bringing communities together through English”. ELSH has developed learning for entry-level education free of charge by teaching the various aspects of the English Language (speaking, reading, listening and writing). We also work in partnership with local agencies and community organisations that help asylum-seekers, refugee children and families to help them overcome the barriers of the language and settle in the local community.

We are proud to have established a fantastic, safe and supportive learning environment for our local vulnerable young people, which allows us to support and help them grow confident, boost their self-esteem and give them the opportunity to develop the learning skills and knowledge they need to progress on to further studies.

We offer work experience, placements and training alongside our lessons in English, Mathematics and IT, which help our students gain employment or further study when they leave ELSH.

ELSH encourages you to visit us and find out about our free service. You will be introduced to our volunteer team, tour the HUB and take a look around our facilities.


Mission: To Provide A Positive, Safe And Stimulating Environment For Young Parents, Young People Not Engaged In Education, Employment Or Training, Asylum Seekers, Refugees And Migrants To Enjoy Their Learning, Achieve Their Potential, And To Successfully Integrate, Become Independent And Part Of The Local Community.

Vision: Bringing all communities together in Barnsley through English language, with a foundation of valued life-long learning for those truly in need.

Charity Objects:

The Promotion Of Social Inclusion For The Public Benefit Among People Who Are Socially Excluded On The Grounds Of Their Social And Economic Position, In Particular, But Not Limited To Young Parents, Young People Not Engaged In Education, Employment Or Training, Migrant Workers And Asylum Seekers By Providing Educational Support In Functional Skills And Drop-In Support To Develop And Gain New Skills And Confidence:

1 – Education And Training In English Language And In Vocational Skills

2 – Social And Recreational Facilities And Events Involving The Local Community