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Who We Are & What We Do

Our Journey
ELSH started as a conversation club in 2010 and progressed into a community group by March 2013. Excelling at each stage prepared ELSH for the next step, leading to its official registration as a charity in 2019. Guided by the motto “Bringing Communities Together through English,” our mission is to foster inclusivity and integration by providing English language support to diverse communities. Today, our commitment to excellence ensures that our impact is both significant and enduring.

Our Mission and Vision
Committed to facilitating entry-level education, ELSH offers comprehensive English language instruction encompassing speaking, reading, listening, and writing, all provided free of charge. Our collaborative efforts extend beyond the classroom as we partner with local agencies and community organisations dedicated to supporting asylum-seekers, refugees, EU migrants, women, children, and families. Together, we strive to dismantle linguistic barriers and foster seamless integration into the local community.

Nurturing Learning Environment
We take great pride in cultivating an exceptional, secure, and nurturing learning environment tailored to the needs of our local vulnerable people. Within this space, we extend unwavering support to empower them, fostering confidence, nurturing self-esteem, and equipping them with the essential learning skills and knowledge pivotal for their progression into higher studies.

Courses and Training
In addition to our English, Mathematics, and IT courses, we provide invaluable opportunities for work experience, placements, and training. These immersive experiences are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum, offering our students practical skills and real-world insights to enhance their employability or pursue advanced studies upon completion of their journey with ELSH.

Health and Wellbeing Initiatives
In response to the valuable feedback from our cohorts, we have expanded our offerings to include a range of health and wellbeing initiatives aimed at fostering community cohesion and enhancing mental wellness. Through tailored programs, such as morning fitness sessions, we provide a platform for individuals to come together, forge meaningful connections, and combat feelings of isolation. These initiatives not only address loneliness but also contribute to the improvement of mental health and overall wellbeing within our community.

Support Services and Partnerships
Since 2018, ELSH has been working in partnership with the We Are Group to deliver comprehensive support services for EU settlements, renewing passport applications with the Home Office, and assisting with citizenship and visa applications. Our dedicated team helps individuals complete online PIP forms and supports those appealing Windrush refusal applications from the Home Office.

Guidance and Advocacy
In collaboration with We Are Group part of the HMRC tribunals, ELSH provides essential guidance and advocacy supporting the public with diverse applications. We are proud to have achieved Level 1 status in supporting the community with OISC advice, a testament to our effective and reliable service over the past five years.

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Latest News!

Good Food Pantry is now OPEN at ELSH

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Good Food Pantry sponsored by Barnsley Council where our students can access groceries at discounted rates! We understand the importance of affordable, nutritious meals, especially for our community members. Whether it’s fresh produce, pantry staples, or household essentials, our pantry ensures access to quality items to support families who are struggling.

Visit ELSH Good Food Pantry today at  8-10 Market Street, Barnsley, S70 1SL and stock up on your groceries, supplied by Food AWARE CIC.

ELSH is also providing Warm Place where people in the community are welcome to share hot meals, games, activities and learning free of charge to meet new friends and integrate in our community. This has been helping to reduce isolation and is making an impact in the mental health crisis.

ELSH has partnered with a scheme called Barnsley Safe Places, involving the police and local businesses. If you are lost, feel unsafe, somebody is harassing you, or you feel worried for another reason, you are welcome to use our environment. We are happy to help and support you further.