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ELSH, established in March 2013 and officially registered as a charity in 2019, operates under the guiding motto of “Bringing Communities Together through English.” Committed to facilitating entry-level education, ELSH offers comprehensive English language instruction encompassing speaking, reading, listening, and writing, all provided free of charge. Our collaborative efforts extend beyond the classroom as we partner with local agencies and community organisations dedicated to supporting asylum-seekers, refugees, EU migrants, women, children, and families. Together, we strive to dismantle linguistic barriers and foster seamless integration into the local community.

We take great pride in cultivating an exceptional, secure, and nurturing learning environment tailored to the needs of our local vulnerable people. Within this space, we extend unwavering support to empower them, fostering confidence, nurturing self-esteem, and equipping them with the essential learning skills and knowledge pivotal for their progression into higher studies.

In addition to our English, Mathematics, and IT courses, we provide invaluable opportunities for work experience, placements, and training. These immersive experiences are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum, offering our students practical skills and real-world insights to enhance their employability or pursue advanced studies upon completion of their journey with ELSH.

In response to the valuable feedback from our cohorts, we have expanded our offerings to include a range of health and wellbeing initiatives aimed at fostering community cohesion and enhancing mental wellness. Through tailored programs, such as morning fitness sessions, we provide a platform for individuals to come together, forge meaningful connections, and combat feelings of isolation. These initiatives not only address loneliness but also contribute to the improvement of mental health and overall wellbeing within our community.

We warmly invite you to explore our website to discover how we can support your educational journey and community engagement activities. We look forward to welcoming you and facilitating your exploration of our resources.

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