Here you can find success stories from people who have either volunteered or studied at ELSH, and gone on to find work.

Paul found himself in the position of many university graduates – he gained a Masters degree in Philosophy, but struggled to find work afterwards, spending nine months searching for a full-time job. He heard about Educational Learning Support Hub while working a part-time night shift job in administrative support. Upon hearing about us, Paul joined ELSH as a classroom assistant volunteer, before becoming a volunteer teacher. Later, he completed a course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), which he said greatly benefitted him when teaching at ELSH. Since leaving ELSH, Paul has been able to use his experience to gain work as a supply teacher, and now works in different schools teaching various subjects, including Geography.

Anna was a student at ELSH, who joined in 2016. She started her journey learning and bettering her English skills, before moving onto helping ELSH as a volunteer. Since she left ELSH, she has found work, all thanks to our organisation helping her with English and allowing her to get more self confidence. You can watch her video, where she goes into detail more about the work she does now and her journey to this.

Christina was a volunteer at ELSH and now has a full time job at a nursery!

Kieran Muscroft has progressed from being a volunteer at ELSH to going onto study at Northern College, gaining a diploma in social care. He will be continuing his studies at university level.

ELSH was a great place to volunteer! I met a lot of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds who are keen and willing to learn and progress. It was excellent to help ELSH in supporting people with learning English as a second language and signposting people to other services, such as food banks when they are in need. Ultimately, ELSH is a great environment to learn in for students and it was great to feel a sense of community to see students progressing onto further education or employment once they had obtained their qualification.