Florentine Bootha-King, the visionary Founder and CEO of ELSH, leads the strategic development, execution, and meticulous monitoring of our educational programs. Drawing upon her extensive background in local Community and Voluntary Services, Florentine has forged a robust network within the community and spearheaded initiatives targeting the educational complexities encountered by vulnerable populations. Her active involvement with the Barnsley Together Forum demonstrates her dedication to research, survey participation, and the promotion of local community events, amplifying her impact on societal well-being.
As a dedicated advocate for inclusive education, Florentine finds profound satisfaction in assessing the tangible impact of our teaching programs on vulnerable individuals. This responsibility ignites her innovative spirit and deepens her appreciation for the transformative potential of language acquisition, particularly English proficiency. Her unwavering commitment to eliminating educational exclusion ensures that learners of all linguistic abilities and cultural backgrounds are nurtured within a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment at ELSH.

Believing education to be a fundamental human right and a catalyst for social change, Florentine takes pride in championing English language learning for vulnerable populations. With a decade of experience in resource mobilisation and project management within the non-profit sector, she excels in fundraising, strategic direction-setting, and community support. Collaborating closely with organisations such as Barnsley Migrant Partnership, Florentine continues to advance her commitments at ELSH, fostering transformative change within the community.

Florentine’s academic journey, which includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Years, a post-16 PGCE, and a Master’s of Arts in International Education from the University of Huddersfield, underscores her dedication to lifelong learning and educational excellence. Inspired by a vision of equitable access to education for all, she focuses her leadership efforts on expanding English teaching and forging strategic partnerships with organisations serving diverse communities. Her strategic vision also encompasses the development and dissemination of educational materials and online resources to raise awareness of ESOL needs and promote systemic change and best practices in meeting the needs of English as an Additional Language learners.

In pursuit of her commitment to professional growth and community support, Florentine actively engages in OISC Level 1 training in Immigration courses for accreditation. Her unwavering dedication to facilitating transformative change within the Barnsley community and beyond is a testament to her steadfast commitment to educational equity and social justice.

“Desire is the seed of every great accomplishment. Supporting people in my community with humility, I’ve harnessed curiosity to build courage and confidence over the years. I strive to make a difference with people who want to make a difference, living values that make a difference, and taking actions that make a difference to make Barnsley a better place to live.”

Florentine Bootha-King, Founder & CEO of ELSH.