Florentine Bootha-King is the founder and CEO of ELSH. She is involved in the design, implementation and monitoring of education programmes. Working at the local Community and Voluntary Services. has allowed her to develop a community network and contribute to dealing with vulnerable people education complexities. She has engaged with Barnsley Together Forum participating in research, survey and promoting local community events.

She particularly enjoys being responsible to identify the impact of the teaching programme for vulnerable people. It has allowed her to be more innovative and considerate of the importance of learning the English language. Her motive support aims to end exclusion in education at ensuring that all learners, regardless of their linguistic abilities or cultural backgrounds, are taught equally, and learn together in a welcoming, safe and supportive environment.

Florentine believes that education is key in bringing about social change and she is proud to support vulnerable people to learn English and promotes education as a basic human right. She has 10 years of experience in resource mobilisation and project management of ELSH charitable support in fundraising, setting direction and supporting the local community group in the non-profit sector.

Florentine holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Years, a post 16 PGCE and a Master’s of Arts in International Educational from the University of Huddersfield. She is inspired by ensuring education reaches all, particularly refugees, asylum seekers, E.U migrants and the NEETS, young people in the Barnsley community.

Her leadership plan is to continue to increase the teaching and learning of English and to reach partnerships with organisations working with BAME. Her plan is also to continue working to help to increase awareness of ESOL needs through the development and dissemination of materials and online resources, as well as sharing learning with partners to support system change and best practice on meeting the needs of people who have English as an Additional Language.